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    Next-generation telephony has arrived.

    Vitelix offers phone manufacturers a competitive advantage with leading-edge products to propel them into the convergence of telephony, Internet and PC. By simply integrating Vitelix's Phone into their products, telephone manufacturers can upgrade them to the 21st century, enabling them to become smart, PC-integrated PSTN and VoIP telephony systems.

    Smart PSTN & VoIP Telephony Systems
    PCNet Phone is a regular phone (corded or cordless) embedded with Vitelix's Phone, which transforms it into a smart PSTN and VoIP telephony system that fully converges telephony and computing power. This convergence supports voicemail and call recording on the PC (for both PSTN and VoIP calls), voice command dialing, screen dialing and integration with existing software, including MS Outlook, NetMeeting and Messenger.

    Value Proposition
    Vitelix's maximally flexible VOIP solutions add significant value to telephony manufacturers by enabling a product line with far more benefits at minor, if any, additional cost. By being the first to adopt this technology, manufacturers can realize its immense potential as they create brand awareness and differentiate themselves from the competition.

    Add Value to Your Customers at Next-to-No Cost
    Vitelix's affordable solution provides unparalleled functionality, thereby reducing telephony device components and minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the convergent PCNet Phone.

    Add Value to Your Customers with No Hassle
    Vitelix's technology entails simple "plug and play" connection of its Phone-embedded devices to the USB port and to the standard telephone wall jack. In addition, these devices' familiar features preserve your customers' intuitive calling habits alongside their advanced capabilities.

    A Complete Range of Value-Adding Products
    In addition to the PCNet Phone, Vitelix provides for the possibility of manufacturing a full range of communication convergence products, such as modular hardware that turns any regular phone into a PCNet Phone (PCPhone Converger) or a VoIP device line (ChatPhone, ChatSet) that merely requires connection to the USB port.

    These Internet-PC Products Are Ideal VOIP solutions for Both Consumer and Business Markets
  • These devices enable free or low-cost, long-distance calling to anywhere       in North America from anywhere in the world.
  • Consumers can enjoy high-quality voice chat and many more features.
  • Businesses can benefit from voice work collaboration and
          many more features.
  • E-commerce & CRM businesses can stimulate sales and support by       enhancing end-user interaction with customer service agents.

    Vitelix Offers VOIP solutions to Suit Every Business Need
  • Customized Phone VOIP solutions for various applications and markets
  • Custom consulting and design services for telephony
          convergence devices

    Vitelix offers its wealth of experience in device and feature design, according to the telephony manufacturer's needs. Join the next-generation telephony revolution, and you will find an enthusiastic partner in Vitelix