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    Vitelix's Multipoint Phone Architecture™ (ZMPA™) re-engineers communication convergence by providing high-quality VoIP, enhanced telephony functions and unparalleled capabilities resulting from the synergy of telephony, Internet and the PC. The patent-pending ZMPA allows superior quality voice and data to fully converge over the same line.

    Vitelix's add-on or embedded Phones for Web-powered PC-telephony devices enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create a complete range of value-adding products, including modular hardware for standard telephony devices, Phone-embedded corded or cordless phones, Phone-embedded headsets, handsets and VoIP-enabled set-top-boxes.

    Vitelix has devised five such Phone-embedded products for different market demands, but can customize its Phone to suit various other potential applications.

    The four primary features of these Phone-embedded products are:

  • Convergence of Internet, telephony and PC
  • High-quality VoIP
  • Ease of use
  • Cost-effectiveness

    All such Phone-embedded products also support voicemail, call recording, voice command dialing, screen dialing, telephony integration with existing software including MS Outlook, NetMeeting and Messenger.

    Vitelix's cross-platform interoperability solution, coupled with the most intuitive, cost-efficient interface, is poised to lead the way toward next-generation communication devices and applications.