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    PC Phone Converger™
    Empowering Traditional Phones with Computer-Intelligent, Web-Powered Communication

    Embedded with Vitelix' Phone, PC Phone Converger™ is a modular device that transforms any traditional corded or cordless telephone into an innovative communication system enabling convergence of PSTN telephony, Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and PC. The Company's superior quality ZMPA™ and patent-pending Vitelix Multipoint Phone Architecture™ (ZMPA™) enables simultaneous Web browsing and superior quality VoIP, LAN, or traditional PSTN calling __ all over the same phone line.

    Transforms the PC into a Smart PSTN and VoIP Telephony System

  • Call recording on PC __ supports voicemail, call recording for both      PSTN and VoIP calls.
  • "Talk & Surf" __ place and receive PSTN calls while using the Internet      through a dial-up line without interrupting the surfing session.
  • Voice-controlled PC __ enhances speech recognition software for Web      browsing, VoIP dialing and games.
  • Integration with software __ includes MS Outlook, Messenger and      NetMeeting to support work collaboration.

    High-Quality VoIP
  • Achieved by patent-pending, ZMPA™-controlled, adaptive echo      cancellation and low IP latency algorithms.

    Ease of Use
  • True "Plug-and-Play" __ PC Phone Converger connects to the      existing phone and plugs into the standard PC's USB port; Windows      98/2000/ME automatically launches the required drivers. No      software/sound card installation is required.
  • Preserves users' habits __ relies on familiar calling patterns
  • Use anywhere in the home __ place and receive Internet calls with a      cordless phone.

  • Vitelix's solution enables users to continue using their      existing phone by simply adding the affordable PC Phone Converger.

    PCPhone Converger is a solution that caters to both corporate and home environments:

    E-Commerce & CRM
  • "Pick-'n-talk" __ lift the receiver and a call is automatically placed to      an online agent/CSR.
  • Real-time synchronization __ online agent/CSR and customer view      and discuss the same Web page.
  • Call center control system __ for monitoring and intervening in      ongoing calls.
  • Authentication __ built-in ID codes enable secured billing and one-     step purchasing.

    Telecommunications VOIP solutions for Businesses
  • End-user UnPBX/soft-PBX VOIP solutions __ an advanced, UnPBX      compatible phone that connects to the PC and turns it into a high-     quality telephony extension.
  • Virtual extensions __ routing employees' PBX extensions over the      Internet to their homes.

    MultiConverger: suited to professional markets, the MultiConverger is equipped with an internal USB hub enabling connection of other peripherals to the USB, such as digital video cameras, thus enabling full video conferencing.

    Business Converger: geared toward the office environment, the Business Converger connects to the receiver's cord (the phone is connected to a PBX), supporting high-quality VoIP and call recording.