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    Calling Hands-Free on Voice-over-IP

    Embedded with Vitelix' Phone, ChatSet™ is an Internet headset enabling PC users to intuitively place and receive high-quality Voice-over-IP (VoIP) calls. With its patent-pending Multipoint Phone Architecture™ (ZMPA™) and user-friendly operation, ChatSet is the natural end-user solution for the emerging VoIP market.

    Transforms the PC into a Smart VoIP Telephony System

  • Call recording on PC __ supports voicemail and call recording for
         VoIP calls.
  • Voice-controlled PC __ enhances speech recognition software for Web      browsing, VoIP dialing and games.
  • Integration with software __ includes MS Outlook, Messenger and      NetMeeting to support work collaboration.

    High-Quality VoIP
  • Achieved by patent-pending, ZMPA™-controlled, adaptive echo      cancellation and low IP latency algorithms.

    Ease of Use
  • True "Plug-and-Play" Connectivity __ ChatSet plugs into the standard      PC's USB port; Windows 98/2000/ME automatically launches the      required drivers. No software/sound card installation is required.
  • Easy hands-free calling __ relies on familiar headset calling patterns.

  • The combination of an affordable, solution with a basic      phone headset results in low manufacturing costs that enable mass-     market distribution.

    ChatSet is a solution that caters to both and home environments:

    E-Commerce & CRM
  • "Pick-'n-talk" __ simply press a button and a call is automatically      placed to an online agent/CSR.
  • Real-time synchronization __ the online agent/CSR and customer view      and discuss the same Web page.
  • Call center control system __ for monitoring and intervening in
         ongoing calls.
  • Authentication __ built-in ID codes enable secured billing and one-
         step purchasing.

    Telecommunications VOIP solutions for Businesses
  • End-user UnPBX/soft-PBX VOIP solutions __ an advanced, UnPBX-     compatible headset that connects to the PC and turns it into a high-     quality telephony extension.
  • Remote employee __ the device enables employees to access their      PBX extensions at home over the Internet.