The ViTELiX Family of Unified Communication devices is designed to work seamlessly with Office Communicator 2007, enabling crystal clear computer-to-computer calls both inside and outside of an organization. Vitelix devices are auto-recognized by Microsoft Office Communicator 2007; pick up the handset and the Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 application automatically pops up, allowing free VoIP calling with superior audio quality, plus answer, hold and transfer.

All devices in the VX family share the following features:

  • Support for "click to call" from PC desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Superior audio quality
  • No Windows drivers necessary
  • USB Powered - no need for additional power source
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Customizable microphone and speaker sound

VX-100 offers office-to-office calling within the enterprise plus inbound/outbound VoIP. The VX 100 has no keypad. All dialing is managed on the PC desktop using Microsoft Office Communicator. More

VX-200 offers all the features of the VX 100 plus the convenience of a dial pad on the device allowing both onscreen and dial pad dialing. More

VX-200 Duo offers all the features of the VX 200 plus a port to connect a standard PSTN telephone line. More

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